Hemp Bracelet Patterns

During the hot and sultry days of the summer months, the last thing that you would want to wear is heavy chains, bead accessories that tend to stick to your skin and make you feel weighed down. It is for this reason that summer time is all about stunning hemp bracelet patterns. Hemp bracelets are light and easy on your skin as well as they make room for air to pass through. It is better that you save all your beads and chains and wire work for the winter months as summer is all about these amazing Hemp Bracelet Patterns that will have you feeling fresh, fabulous and as light as a feather all day long.

From knotting to braiding to weaving, you can try out a great number of hemp bracelet designs. These designs require little to no tools at all and can be crafted very easily and effortlessly. So check out some of the most fun and fabulous hemp bracelet designs!

Hemp Bracelet PatternsBraided

If you want to start off with something simple then the braided hemp bracelet designs are surely your calling. Nothing can be as easy as ABC and the braided he bracelet style. So just grab some cords and start knotting braids. If you want a more embellished look then weave along some beads into your bracelet or add a fancy clasp. You won’t need any additional tools. Just a little bit of work and you will get a perfectly beautiful summer cool hemp bracelet.

Macrame Design

If you want to go the classic way then go for the macramé Hemp Bracelet Patterns. This style includes square knots as well as half knots and also makes use of crystals and beads for an added appeal. Go for bright colors for a vivid effect. No doubt, owing to their classic appeal, the macramé design hemp bracelets are hit on tinsel town especially among the young generation.

The Beaded Hemp Wrap Design

If you want to make waves the next time you head the beach then wear the lovely and gorgeous beaded hemp wrap bracelet which is a cut above the rest of the hemp bracelet designs. The braid work featured in this design is a thing of beauty and the button closure makes for a honey touching to the glittering beads.

Braided Hemp Anklet

If you are the one who loves wearing cute jewelry at the beach then you can never go wrong with this braided hemp anklet. These anklets are apt for the waters as even after getting soaked in sea water for long hours it will dry out as soon as you come out in the sun. Durable and dainty, you can rustle up a braided hemp anklet within an hour and you can wrap your ankle with this lovely string magic.

Elegant Ankle Bracelet

Dress up your ankles with elegant ankle bracelets that will serve as the perfect accent to your summer sandals and offer you a complete head to toe style. For this you will need a few strands of hemp and a bezel for your cabochon that comes with a link on each side. This bracelet should look natural and elegant so make sure that you go for sober colored hemps such as white, off white, cream, beige, etc. Attach the hemp cords through the loops of the bezel and then begin knotting and braiding whatever you want. You can also add a removable clasp if you want to.

Make a Wish Anklet

They make a wish anklet is another easy hemp bracelet pattern that lengthens out to make an adorable beaded anklet. All you need is a few beads and some braiding skills. This bracelet gets its name from the tradition of making a wish first and then wearing hemp bracelets until it wears away. The same tradition can be applied to anklets and hence the name.

Crystal Macrame Bracelet

Are you a glamorous chic? Yes! Then you can bling your way throughout the summer days with these crystal macramé bracelets. This hemp bracelet pattern is designer inspired and is apt if you want to sport that beachy boho vibe while strutting along in a girly and glitzy manner. This is actually a modern friendship bracelet with a new kind of a twist.